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German m3u playlist iptv auto update 29/10/2019

In this post I will explain how to download German IPTV m3u playlist 2019. IPTV or IPTV, is a form of television broadcast on a network using the IP protocol.

German iptv m3u 2019

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Below you will find our selection of the best sites to download IPTV M3U Germany files for the year 2019 and watch the German channels.

How install and configure german tv m3u list on your Smart TV :

How install and configure  german tv m3u list on your Smart TV
How install and configure german tv m3u list on your Smart TV
  • Turn on your Samsung Smart TV. Do not forget that your TV must be connected to the internet, if you want to download applications
  • Click Smart Hub. On your remote control, press the multi-color button in the middle. This button is called Smart Hub. With some remote controls, it’s a button with the drawing of a house. You arrive on My programs.
  • Select Samsung Apps. With the arrows on your remote control, go to My Apps and select Samsung Apps by clicking the button in the middle of the arrows.
  • Choose the “Most Loved” application category from the left side menu, you will see a list of applications on the right side of your screen.
  • Find the Smart iPTV app: In the “Best Loved” category, select the “Smart ipTV” app. The application page opens.
  • Tap Setup. Once on the application page, click Upload, then Install, and then Run. That’s it, you’ve got the Smart IPTV app on your Samsung TV.
  • Be aware that the application is not free, it still offers you a trial period of 7 days
  • The price will be the application “Smart iPTV” is 5.49 € to pay once on the developer’s website:
  • Once the process is complete, you will be taken directly to the Smart iPTV application page and you will be able to start using it.
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How to watch German m3u playlist?

You must have a stable internet connection with a bitrate greater than or equal to 8M and have to download iptv playlist m3u german auto update below. to turn on the IPTV m3u it is necessary to use VLC It is the most simple program of IPTV !!

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